Oreo Truffles with Raspberry Filling

oreo truffles with raspberry filling

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These Oreo truffles are coated in chocolate and filled with a full raspberry in the middle. These desserts are great for any time of year, but are an absolutely delicious quick and easy Valentine’s Day dessert!

I’m about to make a big statement… 

If you try one thing from my blog this year, try these Oreo raspberry truffles. There. I said it.

Big statement right? But it’s so true!! 

These oreo raspberry truffles have graced many a lip during their testing phase, and there wasn’t a single person that ate them that didn’t fall head over heels in love! And this is perfect timing, too, because well… the season of love is upon us! And these Oreo Truffles with Raspberry are the perfect sweet end to a sweet night with your sweetie. 

When I asked my boyfriend how he felt about these Oreo truffles, he responded: “I ate them and I felt just straight up… happy.” Okay, okay that ain’t half bad, people! If you want to make your hunny feel just straight up happy on Valentine’s Day, perhaps these truffles are the way to go 😉 

What Exactly are these Oreo Truffles? 

Basically just four ingredients that combine to make heaven. Oreos grind into crumbs and then combine with cream cheese to make a delicious and soft filling. This filling rolls into balls with a single raspberry in the center and then dip in melted chocolate. 

Biting into these truffles is magnificent. The first bite is rich and sweet and creamy. Just when you’re wondering if it might be a teense too sweet, you’re hit with a wonderfully tangy taste of fresh raspberry. It’s perfect! 

Plate of oreo truffles with raspberry filling

Oreo Truffle Ingredients

Cream Cheese
Milk Chocolate Chips 

How to Make Oreo Truffles 

Put your oreos in a food processor and pulse until small crumbs are formed.

Add softened cream cheese into the food processor and pulse again. A creamy mixture will form. It will be slightly soft, but that’s okay! 

Take a small amount of the mixture and flatten it in your hand. Place a raspberry in the center of the flattened disk and form a ball around the raspberry. The ball should be slightly smaller than a golf ball. 

Lay each of the balls on a cookie sheet and place in the fridge for about an hour. 

Create a double boiler on your stove. To do this, place a pot on the stove filled with water. Bring the water to a boil. Then place a glass bowl over the pot, so that the heat from the water in the pot touches the bottom half of the glass. 

Add the chocolate chips into the glass bowl and allow them to melt all the way. 

Remove the truffle balls from the fridge and use two forks to turn the balls in the chocolate until they are fully coated.
Lay a piece of wax paper on a cookie sheet and place each chocolate-coated ball on the wax paper. Allow to chill for another hour in the fridge before enjoying. 

hand holding oreo truffles with raspberry fillings

How to Dip Oreo Truffles in Chocolate

Dipping the truffles in chocolate can be a bit difficult if you don’t know the right method!

To dip my truffles in chocolate, I first plop the truffle down into the chocolate. Then I use two forks to turn the truffle to make sure that the entire outside is coated in chocolate. 

When all of the truffle is covered in chocolate, I use the forks to lift it out and allow any excess chocolate to drip off. 

Can Oreo Truffles be Made Ahead of Time? 

Yes! In fact, I would recommend it. Your truffles will need a few periods of resting time before enjoying. If you’d like to make them a day in advance, they will be perfectly edible the next day. Making your Oreo truffles ahead of time will give them enough time to harden before you eat them. 

Plus, in my opinion, these truffles get better with time. The first day that you eat them, the raspberries are perfect and whole in the middle of the truffles. But, as the days go on, the raspberries begin to form a jelly-like consistency in the middle of the truffle. It is DE-LISH-IOUS! 

plate of oreo truffles with raspberry filling with a bite out of one

How Long are Oreo Truffles Good For? 

Because these Oreo truffles have fresh fruit in the middle, I wouldn’t keep them for more than 4 days. As I mentioned before, the longer the raspberries are in the center of the truffles, the more they break down every day. 

This is delicious because it makes a sweet, wonderful jelly in the middle of the chocolate. However, you don’t want to keep them for so long that they go bad. 4 days would be the max for me before I threw these out. 

pinterest graphic for oreo truffles with raspberry filling

Do Oreo Truffles Need to be Refrigerated? 

Yes! These Oreo truffles have cream cheese as a main ingredient. For safety purposes, they should always be kept refrigerated. The same is true of the fruit in the middle… it will stay fresh longer when kept in the fridge. 

Keeping your truffles in the fridge means that the chocolate on the outside is very hard. If you’d like the chocolate to soften a bit before serving the truffles, you can leave them at room temperature for about an hour. This is enough time to soften the chocolate, but not so long that the cream cheese will go bad. 

Did you like this recipe for Oreo Truffles with Raspberry? If so, you should check out my other truffle recipe for Quick and Easy Gingerbread Truffles. 

Thanks so much for stopping by everyone! I will see you soon. 

Oreo Truffles with Raspberry Filling

These Oreo Truffles are filled with a full raspberry. They are dipped in chocolate and are the perfect easy dessert for Valentine's Day!

Course baking, Dessert, valentines day
Prep Time 40 minutes
Resting Time 2 hours


  • 39 oreos
  • Brick of cream cheese softened
  • 1 6 oz container of raspberries
  • 24 oz milk chocolate chips


  1. Place your Oreos in a food processor. Pulse until thin crumbs are formed.
  2. Add the softened cream cheese, and grind again until the cream cheese and Oreos combine together.
  3. Take a portion of the Oreo mixture and flatten it into a disk about the size of your palm.
  4. Add a raspberry into the center of the Oreo mixture and form the patty around the raspberry.
  5. Place on a wax paper-lined cookie sheet and allow to cool in the fridge for about an hour.
  6. After the Oreo truffles have cooled, create a double boiler on your stove. To do this, place a pot on the stove filled with water. Bring the water to a boil. Then place a glass bowl over the pot, so that the heat from the water in the pot touches the bottom half of the glass.
  7. Add milk chocolate and stir until melted. Dip the balls in the chocolate, using a fork to turn them.
  8. When done, place truffles on wax paper and allow to cool in the fridge again for about an hour.
  9. Enjoy! Leave a comment on this post letting me know what you think.

Recipe Notes

Recipe copyright The Foreign Fork. For educational or personal use only. 

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