Ah Belize… The beautiful mystery. I’ve always heard about the beauty of Belize. It seemed like a country that everyone knew about, but I had no idea where it was… What region is Belize in? What language do they speak there? Is it known for its forests or for its beaches? What’s the food like (duh, an obvious question)? The great thing about this project is that eventually I’ll get to know the answers to these questions about EVERY country in the world.

A Fun Announcement

Belize was fun for more reasons than one… and the biggest reason was that it was one of the very first countries to be featured on my… wait for it…

YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!! (Click here to see it)

Yaaaassss beetches. You read that right! I started my very own Youtube Channel. Weird, right? And Cool? And Surprising? Exciting? All of the above are emotions that I feel about this new adventure.

But mostly I’m excited 🙂

Bungalow in Belize

I’ve been working with a producer, Paul Schmidt, from Uno Deuce Multimedia. We had talked about the partnership for a few months, and about a month ago, we finally were able to start putting it all into action. It’s a little weird being in front of the camera and walking an unseen viewer through my steps.. But it’s so fun!

I’m really excited to bring you these videos because I know it’s going to help so much with cooking the dishes. Sometimes when I’m researching these dishes, all I want is a video to show me exactly how to make the recipe. This Youtube Channel is the way I’m going to bring that to you! I’m taking you into my kitchen to show you the ropes of each recipe, and bring you some fun facts along the way.

Dock in Water in Belize

To recap, I’m excited about this Youtube channel because:

  1. I’m having fun doing it
  2. I get to make each recipe again which means MORE FOOD
  3. I get to show you how to put my recipes into action so that you’ll have an easier time making them
  4. Having a producer is fun and I get to feel like a brat when I say “my producer” *insert hair flip emoji here* (Kidding… kinda)
  5. I’m faking this whole “my blog is my job thing” until I make it. And this is one step closer to making it
  6. And 7,8,9, 10 to infinity. I get to share my passions with people that are interested in them too, and really there’s nothing better than that

Back to Belize

Belize was a fun first country to work with. It has some delicious food, and it quickly moved to the top of Papa Foreign Fork’s favorites list. Everyone in my home LOVED the garnaches, and the banana cake was a hit at my aunt’s surprise 60th birthday party! The rice and beans made it into my lunch bag for two weeks in a row… and I wasn’t even sick of them by the end! All in all, the recipes of Belize were bomb-diggity and I can’t wait for you to try them!

San Pedro Night Sky in Belize

On the Menu

  • Rum Soaked Pork Chops
  • Red Beans and Coconut Rice
  • Garnaches
  • Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Fun Facts

  • The temperature of Belize is fairly consistent, but the amount of precipitation varies by season. Summer and fall are the rainy season and winter and spring are the dry season.
  • The conversion from Belizean money to US dollars is 1 to 2, so it is easy to convert currency in Belize. Most restaurants and stores in Belize will even accept US dollars as payment!
  • Because of its time as a British colony, English is the official language of Belize.
Belize Boat in Water

History of Belize

The Mayans used to inhabit Belize and in about 1200 BC they began to build large cities. In 1862, Belize became a British colony. After World War II the Belizeans wanted independence; the finally got it in 1981. Tourism began to pick up and quickly became one of the most profitable industries in Belize.  

People and Culture of Belize

The country of Belize is slightly smaller than Massachusetts and is home to only 300,000 people. This makes it one of the least crowded countries in the world with only 36 people per square mile. Immigration is growing, though, and more people are beginning to enter Belize from around the world.

Belize is made up of people from almost every region on Earth including Mexico, Europe, the Caribbean, Africa, and Central America. The art, literature, and music of Belize is impacted by all of these regions, as is the food.

San Pedro Cloudy Sky

Belizean Wildlife Fun Facts

  • The Belize barrier reef is a Unesco heritage site and stretches for 180 miles
  • Belize is home to the only Jaguar reserve in the world, called the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Belize is home to howler monkey, which is a species among the top 10 loudest monkeys in the world. Its yell can be heard from three miles away!
  • El Duende is a common character in Belizean folklore. He is a small, evil dwarf with no thumbs. El Duende lives in the forest and punishes any children who kill animals!
Belizean Man with coconut

Flavors and Common Food

Fruit like mangos, bananas and limes flavor a lot of Belizean dishes. Common dishes to make include rice and beans and ceviche. Fryjacks, or fried dough, are a largely popular breakfast, especially when served with fried beans or eggs.

Belizeans tend to like their dishes spicy, and absolutely worship Marie Sharp’s hot sauce. This hot sauce comes in a range of spiciness, including Mild, Hot, Fiery, Belizean Heat, No Wimps Allowed, and Beware.

Seafood makes appearances quite often in Belize cuisine, particularly due to the fact that Belize is a coastal nation. Flounder and barracuda are popular seafood choices.

Much of the street food in Belize is influenced by its neighboring Spanish-speaking countries. Tacos, panades (fried corn patties with fish and beans), garnaches (see above recipe), and salbutes (hot, fried tacos) shine as Belizean street food.