Alexandria eating gelato in front of St. Peter's Basilica

Hi there! My name is Alexandria, and I am the founder and head chef (ahem, make that ONLY chef) of The Foreign Fork.

The Foreign Fork food blog began as a passion project. During the winter and spring of 2018, I decided (very last-minute) to spend my final semester of college living abroad. In January, I moved to Italy, and I lived, loved, and explored in Rome for the next four months. When my semester was over, I took 5 weeks to backpack eastern and western Europe. During my time spent across the ocean, I visited 15 countries in 18 weeks. And my favorite thing to explore in each and every one of them? FOOD.

I’ve always loved cooking and baking, but when I was abroad, my love transformed into a border-line obsession. I took countless cooking classes and food tours, I visited every local market I could find, and I would spend hours before dinner researching which restaurant would provide the most authentic experience.

Okay, of course, I love to eat. Duh. I’m a human being. But it wasn’t really about that. My love for food experiences abroad wasn’t about eating any old food, whatever I could find on the street. It was about using food as a way to learn and experience. Food in itself is good. But it’s the tradition, the history, the culture, and the passion behinClose up of Alexandria kneading flourd the preparation that makes it GREAT. That is what I loved to learn.

And then I came home… * insert sigh here *. I love Michigan—my beautiful, lush, mitten state— but there aren’t many opportunities to get those same food experiences in the suburbs of Detroit. So, I decided to make them for myself.

196 countries in alphabetical order. I’m not a professional chef by any means. But on this expedition, I’m going to learn. And you’re going to learn with me! We will cook each country in the world, and along the way we will learn about tradition, ingredients, history, and culture. We will learn about the world.

Spices, ingredients, utensils, techniques… we’ll learn it all, together. It won’t always be perfect. We’ll struggle and laugh and concoct some crazy things. And by the end, maybe we’ll be able to say that we’re a little more knowledgeable, a little more experienced, a little more adventurous, a little more understanding, than we were before. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the journey.