How to Make a Pancake Breakfast Board

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This Pancake Breakfast Board is a beautiful way to have a yummy breakfast with your family. Make your favorite pancake recipe and then place them on a board surrounded by your favorite toppings, meats, fruits, and spreads. This idea will make your Sunday family breakfast so fun! 

When I was growing up, Sunday breakfast with pancakes seemed like such a big deal. I would eagerly await fresh, hot pancakes, and then immediately drown them in butter and syrup before diving in. My family would sit around the breakfast table together, making pancakes, then eating them, and talking. 

Once you grow up, the magic of Sunday breakfasts can sometimes be lost. Everyone is busy, so no one has time to really enjoy a good breakfast anymore. Now, we make enough pancakes for the family, but each person eats theirs as they come off the griddle, and by the time the last pancakes are done cooking, everyone else has finished eating and gone back to their day. 

This pancake breakfast board has brought the magic back to pancake breakfasts for me. It’s easy to display, and the toppings, meats, and spreads are all in once place. You can cook the pancakes all at once, and then serve everyone at once with this beautifully prepared board. 

close up of pancake breakfast board

What Should I Include on my Pancake Board? 

Sausage Links 
Peanut Butter
Powdered Sugar 

Tips for Assembling your Pancake Breakfast Board 

  1. Put the spreads in little cups or glasses so that they are easily accessible. 
  2. Assemble the entire board first, without the pancakes. That way, as soon as the pancakes come off the griddle, you are ready to eat. 
  3. Sprinkle the entire board with a dusting of powdered sugar for a nice, finishing touch 
  4. If you like any other toppings, spreads, meats etc, make sure to add them! This board is yours to personalize. 
pancake plate

What Pancake Recipe Should I Make with My Pancake Breakfast Board? 

Truth be told, my friends, I’ve never made homemade pancakes. One day I might (and in that case, I’ll come back and update this page), but for now, I always stick to boxed mixes haha. I’m always about making breakfast time as easy as possible. 

The reason that this post doesn’t include a pancake recipe is because I don’t use one. I simply use Aunt Jemima’s boxed mix. If you have a different favorite pancake recipe that you love, be sure to use that!

And if you’re more of a waffle person, prep this dough ahead of time and make delicious liege waffles in the morning to go with your breakfast board. 

Did you like my idea for making a pancake breakfast board for your family mornings? Post a photo of your creation on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #TheForeignFork and tag @TheForeignFork. 

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    1. Thank you! It’s been my favorite way to look like I’m trying really hard on Sunday but actually just putting together a normal breakfast haha. It’s just so much cuter this way!

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