Instant Pot Rutabagas Mash

Make Rutabagas in the Instant Pot using the instructions below along with best tips on freezing, preparing, and making rutabagas on the stovetop.

Rutabagas are a nutrient packed root vegetable that is similar to a turnip. This versatile vegetable has a slightly sweet taste and cooks up like a potato. 

Difference between rutabaga & turnip:  Rutabagas tend to be brown (and sometimes purple) on the outside and yellow on the inside. They are normally a round shape.  Turnips sometimes come to a point at the end. They appear purple on the outside and white on the inside.

-- Rutabagas -- Salt & pepper -- water  -- butter

Prep the rutabagas: Peel and chop!

Add salt and water + your trivet to the Instant Pot. Place your cubed rutabaga over the trivet.

Cook the rutabaga: Just 10 minutes in the IP and a 10 min Natural release. You want fork tender pieces when you open it!

Mash your rutabagas and season them.


The Foreign Fork 

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