Brazo de Reina Recipe

This Brazo de Reina recipe is a popular Chilean dessert made by rolling dulce de leche into a sponge cake. It has been a favorite on my blog for over 5 years!

Ingredients List:

Cake Flour Caster Sugar Dulce de leche Eggs Vanilla

Use an electric hand mixer to blend egg yolks and caster sugar and beat the egg whites with sugar until stiff peaks form. Then gently fold the yolk mixture into the egg white mixture.

Pour the Brazo de Reina batter in a shallow baking sheet and bake.

Spread the Dulce de Leche over the baked, thin cake.

Roll up the Brazo de Reina into a log shape.

Spread extra dulce de leche on top of the cake and top with coconut.


Expert Tips:

You can store your Brazo de Reina at room temperature as long as it is protected from the air. The cake will be good for 3-4 days.


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