Enjoy A Special Chinese Dinner with Peking Duck!

Chinese Peking Duck is roasted in a roasting pan and brushed with plum jam to create a crispy, sweet skin and a tasty interior.

-- Duck -- Oyster sauce -- Honey -- Chinese 5 Spice -- Brown sugar -- Plum jam -- Ginger -- Salt

This recipe is easy, even though you're committing to cook a full duck. You don't have to be intimidated.

Place the duck in the fridge for at least an hour but preferably overnight once you have marinated the duck.

You won’t need to make the plum sauce until your duck is actually in the oven. It won’t be brushed onto the duck until about a half an hour before the duck is done roasting!

Calculate the cooking time for your duck. The cooking time of a full duck is about 18 minutes per pound. If your duck is 5 pounds, it needs about 90 min of cooking time.

A lot of people love to eat their peking duck with Chinese pancakes, often with cucumbers, cantelope, scallions, and hoisin sauce. (Pancakes shown from recipe by redhousespice.com)

White rice is an easy, basic side dish you can serve with peking duck.

Everyone loves fried rice - this classic dish would fit perfectly with your duck as well and comes together quickly in the Instant Pot.   

Enjoy an egg roll on the side! 

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