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Rainbow Roll Recipe

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Learn To Make Sushi At Home

This uramaki sushi is a Japanese-American creation that is as fun to make as it is to eat! The inside of your sushi will be filled with crab, avocado, and cucumber, and then wrapped in seaweed and sushi rice. Your roll will be topped with mango slices, avocado, salmon, and tuna to achieve a beautiful rainbow effect.


Wrap your sushi mat in plastic wrap. Put the ½ seaweed sheet on the mat with the rough side up. Lay the rice across the entire roll, then flip the seaweed over so the smooth side is showing.


Cut the avocado and cucumber into thin strips and place the strips lengthwise in the center of the seaweed. Add a few slices of cucumber on top.

Roll the sushi


Place your thumbs under the sushi mat. Then lift the edge of the mat closest to your belly up and over the filling in the center. Remove the roll from the  mat. 

Add the toppings 


Lay the thinly sliced fish and fruits over the top of the sushi roll with the edges slightly overlapping. Go in this order: tuna, salmon, mango, avocado, repeat.


Lay plastic wrap over the sushi roll. Squeeze the mat over the roll so that the toppings stick to the rice. Remove the plastic and use a knife to cut the sushi into 8 pieces. Serve and enjoy!

Additional toppings you can use - yellowtail, snapper, flounder, sea bass, shrimp, masago and tobiko.  Want a kick? Add some sriracha or spicy mayo!


Serving options:  Eel Sauce Japanese Mayo Soy Sauce  Wasabi


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