Koshari is an Egyptian comfort food dish that is so flavorful and delicious it has been named the national dish of Egypt. Layered rice, lentils, pasta, chickpeas and sauces, all topped with crispy fried onions make this vegan Mediterranean dish irresistible!

-- Ditalina -- White rice -- Chickpeas -- Brown lentils -- Yellow lentils -- Garlic -- Tomato sauce -- Tomato paste -- White vinegar -- Cumin -- Salt

It is sometimes called Koshari, kushari or koshary. Kushary means “blended” in Arabic, while “kosheri” means to mix things together in Greek. Both make sense for this perfectly layered dish.

Thinly slice up your onions and fry them in sunflower oil.

Prepare your pasta.

Cook up the rice and lentils.

Prepare your cumin sauce and combine the tomato sauce so that you can combine them  in presenting your Koshari.

Really blow your guests away by stacking the ingredients into a tower.

The Foreign Fork 

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