The Ingredients Spinach Ghee Cumin seeds Red onion Green chilies Ginger Garlic Roma tomato Turmeric powder Ground coriander Red chili powder Salt Fresh cream  Garam masala Fresh paneer Kasuri methi

Palak Paneer is a creamy, dreamy, and also nutritious curry dish from India.

Paneer is milky and creamy and the flavor blends perfectly with pureed spinach and spices like garlic and ginger.

While this dish is considered a curry dish, it’s not uncomfortably spicy like many Indian dishes can be. The spice in this easy palak paneer recipe comes from simple green chilies and a bit of red chili powder, but it’s made mild when balanced out with spinach and cheese.

Palak paneer is an awesome vegetarian option. It pairs well with naan or jeera rice and can be put together fairly quickly.

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