Haitian Spaghetti

Haitian Spaghetti is a flavorful pasta dish made with tomato sauce, and then it diverges from the Italian version. It is topped with diced veggies and chopped hot dogs.

Haitian Epis brings loads of flavor to the spaghetti because this condiment is packed full with delicious herbs and veggies!

- Meat  - Tomato paste - Spaghetti noodles - Veggies - Maggi cubes - Haitian Epis

Make sure to keep a little of the pasta water after preparing your spaghetti noodles.

Olive oil and epis come together in the skillet.

Soften the veggies until they are fragrant.

Get the rest of the meat and sauce ingredients into the pan to combine flavors and thicken up. 

Combine the Pasta & Enjoy!

The Foreign Fork 

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