The Ingredients!

This delicious Palak Paneer originated in the north of India. “Palak” is the Hindi word for Spinach and “Paneer” refers to the type of cheese in this recipe. When put together they make this spinach curry recipe!

This dish is made even better by the use of fresh spinach, delicious paneer, and aromatic spices for a flavorful and enjoyable dish!

Paneer is an Indian cottage cheese usually made with cow or buffalo milk. The milk is curdled with lemon juice and then is separated from the whey. It’s then pressed and a soft cheese is formed.

Saute the ingredients. 

Add the seasoning and spinach. Add 1 min to the instant pot and set it to cook. 

Use an immersion blender to combine the ingredients into a thick, delicious filling. Add the garam sala and paneer cheese. 

The more garam masala you add, the darker your sauce will be. Overcooked spinach will also turn the sauce dark. Try to not overcook the spinach in order to achieve that lovely green color!

The Foreign Fork 

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