The Ingredients Lamb shoulder White vinegar Yellow onions Lasagna noodles Black pepper and salt Fresh dill  Bay leaves Parsley, dill, scallion for topping

Beshbarmak recipe is a traditional Kazakhstan meal of meat and noodles.

Traditionally this meal was made with horse meat and eaten with your hands but today’s more modern version of Beshbarmak recipe is much easier to make and enjoy.

Beshbarmak recipe was served in large communal serving dishes that everyone would sit around on the floor or low table.

Today the meal is served in a more modern way, letting go of traditions. It is still served at special occasions but is also enjoyed in homes of Kazakh people on an average weeknight as well.

This very traditional meal is made much easier with the use of an Instant Pot and premade noodles.

The Foreign Fork 

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