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Pan con Tomate

This simple Tapas recipe originated in Catalonia and Pan con Tomate is now popular in Andorra and Spain. Made by rubbing garlic, tomatoes, and olive oil on a loaf of crusty bread, you only need a few high quality ingredients to make an impressive recipe with lots of flavor.

Crusty bread Garlic Roma Tomato Olive oil Sea salt


Bake the Bread - Place the sheet of sliced bread in the oven for 2-3 minutes. Flip the bread over and toast again until browned. Remove  from the oven.



Add Toppings - Rub the garlic onto each slice of toasted bread. Cut the tomato in half. Rub the tomato onto each slice of bread, making sure to really leave behind a lot of juice and pulp on the bread.

Drizzle a bit of extra virgin olive oil onto each piece of bread, then sprinkle each piece with salt. Enjoy!


Pan con Tomate VARIATION - To make a Spanish Tomato Bread, you grate the tomato on the large side of a box grater to get a chunky sauce. This will give you more of a tomato spread instead of just adding juice to your bread.


You can use a pastry brush to make sure the olive oil covers the entire piece of bread if you like a more uniform flavor.


Serve the tomato bread as fast as possible to avoid your bread getting soggy.

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