Chicken Karahi is a delicious tomato and ginger-based curry dish that is savory, filling, and full of warm spices. It comes together quickly and makes a perfect weeknight meal!

INGREDIENTS KARAHI MASALA – Whole coriander – Whole white cumin – Black peppercorns – Red chili flakes KARAHI  – Vegetable oil – Garlic – Bone-in Chicken  – Salt – Green chiles – Tomatoes – Chicken bouillon – Ginger

Prepare the spices. Everything but the red pepper flakes are blended. Add those after blending. This is your Karahi Masala.

Heat the oil and let the garlic heat up. Add the chicken to the oil and cook it until golden on each side. 

Prepare the sauce by adding the whole tomatoes and chiles to a pan with vegetable oil. Crush the tomatoes down as it cooks, to let it thicken as a sauce. 

Combine the chicken and the tomato sauce into the wok and stir in 3 tbsp of seasoning. 

Garnish with green coriander leaves, green chiles and julienned ginger. Serve with naan bread!

The Foreign Fork 

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