I learned the pasta-making technique from years of making pasta with my family, and I perfected the ingredients ratios while living in Italy. Take a peek at my step-by-step photos to make the process a little easier!

INGREDIENTS – Flour – Eggs – Salt  – Olive oil

There is something special about fresh, homemade pasta, especially if it was made by your own two hands. It’s chewy, light, bouncy and delicious. There is also something beautiful about the Italian tradition of making pasta by hand as a family.

Get started on making the dough. 

Once the eggs are beaten, incorporate in the olive oil and salt. 

Once you have a dough formed, knead it about 10-15 min. You can test if your dough is ready by pressing your finger into it. If the dough begins to bounce back instead of staying pressed in, then it is done.  Wrap it in plastic and let it rest a half hour. 

Cut the dough into about 8 sections as you prepare to run the dough through the pasta machine. 

Each machine has different numbers assigned to the type of pasta you're cutting. 

Choose a large setting, then a medium setting, and finally a small setting (on my Kitchenaid Pasta Maker, I run the pasta through the #1, then #3, then #5).

Fresh made pasta cooks faster than store bought so keep an eye on it!

Be sure to read through all the tips I share before starting your own pasta journey to grasp what to look for and how to tweak the process with your own pasta. 

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