The magic of these Latvian pancakes are how simple, basic ingredients turn into a delicious, fluffy, cheesy, pillowy pancake before your eyes.

Syrniki are slightly sweet and fluffy but with a good pan-fried texture to them. Think cheesecake flavor!

Have fun trying out a new twist on your breakfast!

Farmer’s cheese, or tvaroh (Творо́г) or tvarog, is a curd cheese that is similar to cottage cheese or ricotta but much drier and crumblier. It is the main ingredient in these pancakes. It’s easy to find in Slavic countries but it can be a challenge to locate in the United States.

Because the brand of Farmer’s Cheese that I used was so wet, you can also substitute ricotta cheese or dry cottage cheese without adjusting the recipe measurements. Drain any excess liquid from those options.

Your batter should be thick with a texture more like dough than regular pancake batter.

The Foreign Fork 

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