The Ingredients – Goat cheese – Thyme – Honey – Pizza dough – Peaches – Olive oil

Summer is filled with hours of wanting to be outside, play, and enjoy the beautiful weather! This peach pizza recipe is fast so that you can get back to your beautiful summer days as fast as possible.

Every season has its own flavors, but personally, I love summer food the most. The fresh peaches (check out this Peach Cobbler Recipe!), honey, and herbs in this Peach Pizza are great for incorporating fresh summer produce into your meal.

Buying flatbread or pizza dough already prepared takes the bulk of the work out of this delicious recipe. Then have fun assembling the ingredients over the top.

If you want a more traditional summer herb, basil would be a great substitution for thyme in this peach pizza recipe

Other stone fruits will work in this recipe if you want to try them out, specifically nectarines

The Foreign Fork 

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