Afra or Dibi is a street food popular in The Gambia that is made with lamb, bushmeat, or, in this case, beef! It’s typically cooked alongside onions and mustard to caramelize the sauce directly onto the beef, leading to lasting flavor.

Oil  Meat  Seasonings Bouillon  Onion Baguette

Slice up the onions into rings and beef into bite sized pieces. 

Heat up the skillet until it is very hot, then add in the beef. When you turn the beef, then add in the salt. 

Before you add the onions, add in the black pepper and bouillon, stirring then adding in the mustard. Cook the onions in the same pan as the beef. Cook them but let them still have a crunch when you enjoy them.  

Enjoy with baguette. 

The Foreign Fork 

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