This Original Jamaican Chicken Curry Recipe is a spicy and sweet dish that makes a flavorful lunch or dinner. If you love curry and are looking for a new twist on the dish, this Jamaican curry recipe is worth giving a try!

INGREDIENTS –Curly elbow macaroni – Cheddar cheese – Evaporated milk – Ketchup – Honey mustard – Bread crumbs – Salt and pepper – Onion Powder

While this version of macaroni and cheese is baked, I assure you it is not dry. The Barbados recipe is creamy perfection - definitely a bowl of comfort food!

Macaroni Pie recipe is prepared simply -  with just salt, pepper, and garlic powder, but you can also add thyme or marjoram to get that traditional Barbadian flavor.

This recipe uses Sharp cheddar cheese, but feel free to try different cheeses and mix up the flavors! Let me know in the comments any fun combinations you discover.

For an extra crunchy crust, gently spray the breadcrumbs on top of the pie with cooking oil before baking.


The Foreign Fork 

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