Sfiha/ Lahm Bi Ajeen

Lahm Bi Ajeen (Sfiha) is a soft Middle Eastern flatbread topped with meat and spices. It makes a great street food, breakfast, delicious weeknight meal or an appetizer for your next get together!

It’s a soft dough that’s crispy around the edges and topped with ground meat that is packed with flavor. It has all the flavor and texture of a normal pizza but unlike an Italian pizza the ingredients are mixed together and the cheese is left off.

Dough Ingredients -water -sugar -yeast -flour -powdered milk -salt -olive oil

Filling Ingredients -ground beef -onion -tomato paste -pepper paste -tomatoes -pomegranate molasses -7 Spice -parsley

You're going to make a dough for these beautiful flatbreads!

Prepare the filling.


These are really delicious when served with a plain yogurt and lemon wedges. 

Some people like to top their sfiha with pine nuts, red onions or even dried cranberries.

Make sure your oven is nice and hot when you go to bake the sfiha. Pre-heating will really benefit this recipe.

The Foreign Fork 

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