Mashed Yam with Red Onion

This celebratory dish is important in many Ghanaian homes, especially to celebrate weddings and coming-of-age ceremonies. Made by mashing yams with palm oil and onions, you can easily make this dish for a taste of Ghana at home.

-- Yams -- Shrimp bouillon -- Red onion -- Red palm oil -- Hard boiled eggs -- Salt

We need to get the yams cooked! You're looking for fork tender.

Mash them up!

Heat your pan up and add some red palm oil. Then we're beginning to caramelize our onions.

Before you add the onions to the yams, stir in the bouillon.

Once you have the yams prepared, peel your hardboiled eggs and serve them on top. This is a common practice in certain countries, so be sure to give it a try!

Enjoy a scoop of these with your turkey or ham!

The Foreign Fork 

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