Escargot  Recipe

Snails are cooked in a butter and parsley sauce and served with a toasted baguette for a delectable and rich appetizer recipe. This Escargot recipe is so easy and a great way to experience French cuisine.

–canned snails –shallot –butter –garlic –parsley –white wine –breadcrumbs –French baguette

Prepare the snails by heating them up while you're sauteing a chopped shallot.

Prepare your garlic butter with Parsley.

Add a snail to each escargot compartment, top it with garlic butter then finish it with breadcrumbs.

Prepare the baguette by slicing it, brushing with butter and toasting in the oven. .

Serve the toasted baguette slices with your escargot.

The Foreign Fork 

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