The Ingredients Vegetable oil Yellow Onion Turmeric Salt and pepper 7 Spice Basmati rice Bone-in chicken Eggplant Russet potato Maklobeh seasoning Beefsteak tomato Almonds

Maqluba is an incredibly popular rice dish across the Middle East. Walk into any family celebration and you will almost always find it being served.

It is a main course that looks very elegant and ornate, and the combination of flavors feels very extravagant. But in reality, it is not terribly complicated to put together.

This Jordanian dish has layers. First is a layer of deep-fried vegetables, then fried meat, then seasoned rice, all cooked together so the flavors meld perfectly with one another. At the last second the entire pot is flipped upside down on a serving tray and topped with sliced nuts.

The name maqluba literally translates to “upside-down” in Arabic, referring to the way it is served.

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