This Sausage Roll Recipe is an amazing way to taste Australia! Flavorful sausage, carrots, and breadcrumbs are rolled into a delicate puff pastry and baked to perfection. Don’t forget to dip them in barbecue sauce!

–puff pastry sheets –ground sausage –carrots –onions –Italian bread crumbs –milk –minced garlic –BBQ sauce –salt and pepper –egg –paprika

Combine the ingredients to make the filling in a mixing bowl. Combine but don't over stir.

Cut your puff pastry in half.

Using one sheet, put half the filling down the middle of the puff pastry.

Close up the pastry sheet and then cut into 4's, scoring the tops of each bite sized piece.

Brush with the egg wash.

They are delicious served with a variety of sauces to dip into!

The Foreign Fork 

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