Spinach mixes with feta cheese, cream cheese, and cottage cheese and then is layered amongst crispy layers of phyllo dough for the most decadent Spinach Pie Recipe you’ve ever tasted. This dish is creamy, decadent, and oh so delicious!

– Frozen spinach – Cream cheese – Eggs – Feta cheese – Cottage cheese – Dried dill – Salt and pepper – Phyllo dough – Unsalted butter

Spinach Pie, also called Spanakopita, has been a staple in Greek cuisine for quite some time.

Let your spinach thaw overnight in the fridge in a colander and then in the morning, add it to a towel to ring out as much moisture from it as you can so you don't end up with a soggy pie. 

While the oven is preheating, add your cream cheese and eggs to a bowl, combine well and then add in the rest of the cheeses, spinach and seasonings. 

Begin layering the pie. Brush melted butter over the baking dish, add the first layer of dough and brush with butter. Repeat 10x. 

The filling goes over the 10th layer. 

Repeat the phyllo dough and buttered layers, then score the 10th layer lightly before baking. 


The Foreign Fork 

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