Potato Pancakes

Ingredients – Potatoes – Sweet onion – Cornstarch – Egg – Sour cream – Salt, pepper – Garlic powder – Onion powder – Paprika – Vegetable oil – Applesauce (topping, optional)

Potato Pancakes (Draniki) are a Belarusian staple. This blog post will teach out all about the best potatoes to pick, the best seasonings to add, and, most importantly, how to make sure you end up with crispiest, most delicious Potato Pancakes (Draniki) Belarus has ever seen

One tip to achieve the crispy exterior is to save the starchy water the potatoes boiled. Don't toss that out!

This is a savory potato pancake recipe however, a little applesauce over the top when you cut into them would be delicious too!

Enjoy this potato recipe as a side dish for both brunch or dinner!

The Foreign Fork 

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