This recipe is made with thick, 7 oz filet steaks that are cooked in a cast iron skillet, then served with a cream sauce. This recipe is inspired by Eswatini’s national dish, but can be enjoyed anywhere!

INGREDIENTS – Fresh rosemary – Red wine – Salt and pepper – Filet steaks – Butter – Onion – Allspice berries – White wine – Heavy whipping cream

Karoo Ostrich Steak is the national dish of Eswatini! And I sure can see why… The marinade makes it flavorful and the cream on top adds some delicious flavor.

Marinate the steak. Pull some of the rosemary pieces off into the bowl. Let it sit at least an hour but up to overnight. 

Make the cream sauce. 

Preheat the oven. Meanwhile, sear the filets on each side until a crust forms. 

Add the cast iron pan to the oven to finish cooking. 

-If you can't find ostrich steaks, substitute a beef steak. -Rosemary can be substituted for Juniper berries.  -Do not use a cooking wine in this recipe - it should be something you enjoy finishing off the bottle of.  

Enjoy this for a date night or to share with guests!

The Foreign Fork 

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