Ackee is a popular, Jamaican fruit, and when prepared with a mixture of peppers and salted fish, it creates a breakfast or brunch that is savory, unique and totally delicious!

– Salt fish – Vegetable oil  – White onion – Green & red bell pepper – Garlic – Fresh thyme – Scallions – Scotch bonnet pepper – Roma tomato – Ackee – Black pepper

Ackee grows on trees and looks like a wrinkled bell pepper until it becomes ripe and the thick skin splits open. The flesh inside contains a single black seed.

Prepare the saltfish. Run it under some water, then add it to a pot of boiling water until it's soft. 

Cook the vegetables in a skillet. 

Once the veggies have softened, add in the seasonings, tomatoes and garlic. 

Incorporate the chunks of salt fish and then finish with the ackee. 

Ackee has a very delicate texture so make sure to be gentle when stirring or you will end up with mush. You also need to be careful not to overcook the ackee. Add it in just for the last few minutes.


The Foreign Fork 

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