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Guyanese Pepperpot

What Is  Pepperpot?

Pepperpot is a Guyanese dish that is the pride and joy of the country. It is made by cooking a combination of beef and pork together with a unique Guyanese ingredient, Cassareep.

Cassareep is a thick brown syrup made by boiling down the juice of grated cassava with sugar and spices, used as a flavouring for the West Indian dish pepper pot.


White Onion Garlic Celery leaves Pork butt Stew beef Cassareep Brown Sugar Orange peel Cinnamon stick Cloves Fresh Thyme Black pepper Salt Scotch Bonnet Pepper


Blend together the onion, thyme, and garlic until a paste is formed.


In a large pot, add the meats, the herb paste, and the cassareep. Combine and let sit. 


Add sugar and the remaining seasonings on top of the marinated meat. 


Cook 25 minutes. Then add hot, boiling water, then cover it and allow to cook further. Add salt to taste and enjoy!

Make this dish about 2-3 days before you actually want to eat it. The flavor typically enhances the longer the dish has been around, so the older the better.


Pepperpot is typically served with bread, especially Guyanese Plait Bread. It’s a type of bread similar to challah, but without egg.  (Photo from


Some Pepperpot recipes call for the garlic, onions etc. Other people say that these ingredients detract from the overall dish. Either method is completely up to you.


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