The Ingredients!

Making this Pistachio Pesto is almost as easy as opening up a jar of the store bought stuff… but so much tastier! Simply add all of the ingredients to a blender, combine, and serve!

Add the basil and ingredients to the nutribullet. Use olive oil to thin out the sauce if its too thick. 

If you don’t like pistachios, you can use walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, or anything else that sounds delicious

You can preserve pesto by freezing it. If you want to freeze individual portions (to add to a serving of pasta, etc) you can freeze the pesto in an ice cube tray.

Add the seasoning and spinach. Add 1 min to the instant pot and set it to cook. 

Use an immersion blender to combine the ingredients into a thick, delicious filling. Add the garam sala and paneer cheese. 

The more garam masala you add, the darker your sauce will be. Overcooked spinach will also turn the sauce dark. Try to not overcook the spinach in order to achieve that lovely green color!

The Foreign Fork 

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