Beef Rendang is a popular curry dish served in Indonesia. It is made by slow cooking beef in coconut milk and flavoring with lemongrass, cinnamon, chilies, and more. The flavor profile of this dish is complex and it is one of the world’s favorite foods! Follow the instructions to make it at home.

PASTE INGREDIENTS –Dried Guajillo chiles – Red Bird's Eye Chiles – Ginger – Galangal Root – Turmeric powder – Garlic – Shallots

DRIED SPICES – Lemongrass – Cardamom Pods – Star Anise – Cinnamon sticks – Cloves BEEF  – Coconut Oil – Beef Chuck – Coconut Milk – Coconut Sugar – Tamarind Pulp – Kaffir Lime  – Kerisik

Prepare and cook the spice paste.

Sear the beef in the pot with the paste.

Time to add the coconut milk, sugar, salt, tamarind and kaffir lime leaves.

Let the curry slow cook about 2 hours before adding in the kerisik.

The delicious smells will make it hard to wait for this dish to be ready but it'll be worth the wait!

The Foreign Fork 

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