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How To Make A Pancake Board

Board Inspiration

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This Pancake Breakfast Board is a beautiful way to have a yummy breakfast with your family. Make your favorite pancake recipe and then place them on a board surrounded by your favorite toppings, meats, fruits, and spreads. This idea will make your Sunday family breakfast so fun!

Tips for Assembling 1. Put the spreads in little cups or glasses so that they are easily accessible. 2. Assemble the entire board first, without the pancakes. That way, as soon as the pancakes come off the griddle, you are ready to eat.

Tips for Assembling 3. Sprinkle the entire board with a dusting of powdered sugar for a nice, finishing touch 4. If you like any other toppings, spreads, meats etc, make sure to add them! This board is yours to personalize.

Blueberry Bread with Blueberry Glaze makes a great option on your breakfast board!

Kaiserschmarrn is shredded pancakes but would be delicous as an addition!

Banana Fritters should definitely be added to the board!

Liege Waffles are going to be a perfect fit to your board. 

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