If your goal is to get crisp, fresh vegetables into your diet in a new and exciting way, this is a salad you really should try.

Laos Papaya Salad or tam mak hoong as it is called in Lao, is colorful, bright, fresh, and delicious, with a hint of sweetness and savory that makes it craveable and delicious.

This salad skips over any oil and mayonnaise in most American salads. Instead enjoy freshly ground chili peppers and flavorful shrimp and crab paste.

To prepare the papaya you can peel the green outer layer of the papaya with a vegetable peeler, cut it in half, and remove the seeds. The texture of the beautiful white flesh is like a potato but without the starch.

The ingredient list for this popular spicy salad may be intimidating for some but let me assure you, this combination of shrimp, crab, chili, and lime is so interesting with a unique spiciness.

Add the shredded papaya pieces into a bowl, then drizzle your dressing over the top. Add in the cherry tomatoes and the lime juice.

The Foreign Fork 

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