Kani Sushi  (Spicy Crab Sushi)

Kani Sushi is a delicious and easy sushi roll that is popular enough for the best sushi restaurants but easy enough to make at home. Follow these instructions to perfect your next sushi night!

Ingredients List:

Sushi Rice Rice Vinegar Sugar | Avocado Surimi Sticks Japanese Mayo Sriracha White Pepper Nori Sheets Black Sesame Seeds Persian Cucumber

Start by making your sushi rice. Allow to come to room temperature before assembling your sushi.

Shred your krab, then mix it in a small bowl with the mayo, sriracha, salt, white pepper and sugar.

Press the sushi rice on the seaweed sheet and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Flip the seaweed over.

Place the Kani salad in a small line across the center of the nor sheet, then place the cucumbers and avocado next to the crab.

Lift and roll the sushi mat until a log of sushi is formed. For more in-depth instructions, view the recipe card below.


Expert Tips:

Dip your hands in water when spreading the rice on the seaweed sheet to keep the rice from sticking to your hands.


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