Warm spices and the spicy flavor of scotch bonnet peppers combine with the flavors of the pimento seeds to create the Jamaican jerk chicken marinade.

The deeply marinated chicken is placed directly on the hot coals of pimento wood. Over the course of two hours, it is slowly smoked, taking in the flavor of the wood.

The chicken pieces come out very crispy, almost burnt, and sliced to reveal tender, juicy chicken meat. The flavor is spice and sweetness that takes your taste buds on a ride!

Save any remaining marinade in the refrigerator. Use it to add flavor to rice, potatoes, beans, vegetables, or even sandwiches.

MARINADE INGREDIENTS Fresh thyme Scotch Bonnet Pepper Onions Garlic All purpose seasoning Orange bell pepper Scallions Allspice Lime juice Soy sauce Ginger

The Foreign Fork 

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