Jerk Chicken is a delicious Jamaican dish of grilled chicken infused with a spicy, smoky flavor. If you are craving a taste of the islands, give this recipe a try!

Marinade – Fresh thyme – Scotch bonnet pepper – Onions – Garlic – All-purpose seasoning – Orange bell pepper – Scallions – Allspice – Salt – Lime juice – Soy sauce –Ginger –Bone-in chicken – Limes – Vinegar – Red Stripe beer

Prepare your marinade using a food processor. 

Rub your chicken down with halves of lime. 

Pour the marinade over the clean chicken in the mixing bowl. It should marinate for at least 2 hours or overnight. 

Pimento wood chips will provide the desired flavor you want if you can get them. Otherwise cinnamon wood chips are a good substitute. 

Add your chicken to a hot grill, spray some beer over the chicken and let it continue cooking. 10 minutes later, again spray it down with the beer after flipping it. 

Enjoy with a side of rice and beans or coconut rice!

The Foreign Fork 

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