Italian pizzelle cookies are delicately thin and only a little sweet, and are great for an after dinner treat.

Aside from simply dusting powdered sugar on the pizzelle, there are other great ways to use up your pizzelle. One of the most creative (and most delicious) are these Mock Italian Cannoli. You can stuff the pizzelle with cannoli cream and have two traditional Italian desserts in one!

It doesn’t get much faster than making homemade Pizzelle Cookies! As mentioned in the recipe card, the average pizzelle cooks for about 24 seconds on our pizzelle maker.

I don’t find the anise seed amount overwhelming in this recipe. However, if you want to try the flavor without the risk of overpowering your cookies, you can add only half the amount of anise into the recipe.

Keep a close eye on the pizzelle. They can go from perfectly browned to burned in a matter of seconds.

Flour Egg Sugar Powdered sugar Butter Anise seed Baking powder

The Foreign Fork 

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