Instant Pot Shrimp Boil

This summer recipe is great for entertaining or just enjoying a delicious meal. Making your Shrimp Boil in the Instant Pot saves time AND hassle!

Ingredients List:

Red Baby Potatoes Andouille Sausage Sweet Onion Garlic | Butter Old Bays | Shrimp Corn on the cob Chicken Broth Lemon

Add the vegetables, sausage, butter, and seasonings to the Instant Pot and pour the chicken broth over it.

Cook on HIGH for 5 minutes before performing a Quick Release. Then add the shrimp, seal, and cook on HIGH for another minute.

Melt the remaining butter and mix it with Old Bay. Drizzle the seasoned butter over everything in the pot.


Expert Tips:

You can choose shrimp with either shells-on or shells-off for this recipe. I choose shells-off for less work when it comes time to eat, but shells-on is what most people traditionally use.


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