Instant Pot Porridge

This polenta is cooked in the Instant Pot for a hands-off, easy way to make a delicious classic! Stir in cheddar cheese and herbs at the end for a flavorful twist.

--Polenta --Chicken stock --Unsalted butter --Cheddar cheese --Chives --Thyme

Put the polenta, chicken stock, and salt in the pressure cooker.

Just 15 min and a natural release helps cook this dish to come out at the perfect consistency.

Add the butter, cheese, chives, and thyme. Stir to incorporate.

If you are looking for the cheapest route possible to make this dish, you can even substitute water for the broth, though I’d recommend using broth if you have the ability.

You can substitute parmesan cheese in place of the cheddar if that sounds more delicious to you!

As polenta cools, it becomes a lot harder and often takes the shape of the container that it’s in. If you want your polenta to become creamy again when reheating it, add a splash of broth into the bowl before placing it in the microwave.

The Foreign Fork 

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