Berbere Spice Blind

This Ethiopian and Eritrean spice blend is incredibly flavorful and the perfect way to add some spice to your meals!

--All spice berries --Cumin seeds --Cardamom pods --Mustard seeds --Ground cloves --Ground coriander --Paprika --Nutmeg --Cinnamon --Cayenne  --Ground ginger --Salt

This is a complicated spice blend, made with many different spices, utilizing both spicy and sweet ingredients. This results in a sweet, yet spicy blend that is incredibly versatile.

If you love spicy, I know you’re going to love this spice blend! It adds a unique kick to whatever dish you’re making.

This recipe uses both ground and whole spices.

The most important tool that you’re going to need to make this Berbere Spice Blend is a spice grinder!

Lastly, you’re going to need a small pan to toast the spices.

I would recommend storing your berbere in an airtight container, and using it within 6 months for optimal flavor. After 6 months, the flavor profile of the spice blend may start to deteriorate.

The Foreign Fork 

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