Icelandic Fish Stew is a traditional dish made by mixing mashed fish, béchamel sauce, and potatoes. Plokkfiskur is a popular dish for cold weather, and is an awesome way to try the flavors of Iceland at home.

– Gold potatoes – Yellow onion – Cod – Unsalted butter – Flour – Milk – Salt – White pepper

Cook potatoes just like you do for mashed potatoes, until fork tender, then mash them up. 

Cook the cod in salted water, just about 5-6 minutes!

Prepare a bechamel sauce. 

Combine the potatoes, cod and bechamel sauce into one thick stew. 

You can enjoy this dish as is.  For fun, here's some add-ins that would be enjoyable in your fish stew. Bacon, black pepper, tiny shrimp, curry powder or bearnaise sauce. 

The Foreign Fork 

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