Pickling Mushrooms is (surprisingly) easy! Follow the instructions to make pickled mushrooms that will last in your fridge for up to a month!

INGREDIENTS – White mushrooms – Water – Vinegar – Salt – Sugar – Bay leaves – Fresh thyme – Optional: onion, garlic

This tasty snack comes from the country of Estonia. They love summer and walks, foraging for fresh ingredients. Of course, summer doesn’t last forever. A great way to preserve the beautiful mushrooms that Estonians pick throughout the summer is to pickle and preserve them for later.

Cook the mushrooms. 

Prepare the brine. 

In addition to the mushrooms, feel free to add onion slices, garlic cloves and more fresh thyme to the mason jar before pouring in the brine. 

Pour the brine over. your ingredients. Seal it up with an airtight top and let it sit 3 days before enjoying!

The Foreign Fork 

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