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Pomidor Yumurta

Pomidor-Yumurta is the Azerbaijani version of Shakshuka. Tomatoes are chopped and sauteed in a large  pan, and then combine with lightly scrambled eggs. A simple, quick breakfast recipe perfect for adventurous and picky eaters alike!

-- Eggs -- Juicy (grape) tomatoes -- butter or ghee -- chopped garlic -- salt & pepper

Roughly chop  the tomatoes.


Melt the ghee in a sauce pan and sautee the delicious garlic until fragrant.


Pour the tomatoes into the pan and heat uncovered for about 10 minutes until the juices are released, stirring occasionally.

In a separate bowl, lightly beat the eggs together. Drizzle the eggs over the tomatoes and season with salt and pepper.

Cook the eggs until they’re cooked to desired doneness (perhaps about 8 minutes). Cover in the last 2-3 minutes.

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