There are many different versions of Lagman but what they all have in common is a wide variety of vegetables and tender slices of beef, served on a bed of chewy, delicious homemade noodles.

This Laghman recipe is easy to make for a crowd and customize as you wish with more beef, more vegetables, or even store-bought noodles if homemade is just not in the cards for the evening.

This dish is easy to modify to your liking. Feel free to add or take away any vegetables you like.

I have written instructions for the noodles based on the videos I watched and recipes I read, but if noodle success is evading you as it did for me, you can substitute the homemade noodles for udon noodles instead!

Traditionally Lagman is served with noodle water on the side for guests to add to their dish to create as much broth as they like.

The Foreign Fork 

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