To make Pepperpot, beef and pork are stewed together for a few hours, alongside spicy peppers, cinnamon sticks, cloves, thyme, and more.

Orange peel Cassareep Pork Beef Brown sugar Onion Cloves  Salt, Pepper Onion Celery leaves Garlic Cinnamon  Thyme

The thick brown sauce is made from cassava. It's thick like molasses and is a deep black color.

Blend together the ingredients for the marinade in a food processor, making a paste.

Put the meats into a large pan, then add the cassareep, and the herb paste.

Let the meat marinate an hour, then add the rest of the seasonings with the sugar and stir it good, before letting it simmer 25 minutes. Add the hot water, and let it continue cooking.

The Foreign Fork 

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