Borscht Soup

This brightly colored Borscht Soup is a classic recipe from Belarus. Made with beets, potatoes, tomatoes and more, it is best served with sour cream, dill, and, if you’re feeling adventurous, even a hard-boiled egg!

This soup is bomb. The color is gorgeous; the taste is delicious. Don’t run from this soup. Embrace it. Try it. It’s delicious and you’ll thank me for this advice.

- Beets - Potatoes - Onions - Carrots - Tomato - Dried dill - Butter - Apple cider vinegar - Hard boiled eggs

This is an easy one pot soup that can be served warm or cold!

Some recipes for borscht can include meat or fish. If you choose to add any of those additions to this recipe for Borscht soup, you may want to serve the soup hot.

How Do You Shred Beets for Borscht? Peel the beets using a vegetable peeler. Once the beets are peeled, use a cheese grater to grate them.


The Foreign Fork 

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