This Easy Ratatouille Recipe is made with fresh vegetables layered in a pattern and then baked. It is a straightforward recipe with gorgeous presentation, and is also vegetarian and vegan! Try this recipe if you want to experience true French cuisine.

Crushed tomatoes Salt & Pepper Fresh Thyme Zucchini Roma Tomatoes Eggplant Red peppers Red onion Garlic

Add the crushed tomatoes with the seasonings to the bottom of an oven safe pan or cast iron dish/.

Using the mixer, beat the yolks until light yellow and combine the sugar into the mix.

Work the sliced vegetables into the cast iron pan over the tomato sauce in a pattern.

Sometimes the slices that you cut of the larger vegetables (ex: eggplants) are a lot larger than the slices you cut of the smaller vegetables (ex: zucchini). To get them to be relatively the same height, I would cut the eggplant slices into quarters, then chop off the tip of the quarter so that it would sit flat.

I sprinkled the top of my ratatouille recipe with about ¼ tsp each of onion powder and garlic powder. This is not traditional, but I think it added a nice flavor.

The Foreign Fork 

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