The Ingredients – Nori sheets – English cucumber – Shrimp tempura – Tobiko – Sushi rice – Avocado – Sriracha mayo – Black sesame seeds – Unagi sauce

Something about sushi feels so chic and decadent. If you are a sushi lover, chances are you are always on the lookout for high quality sushi that is still affordable. As with most amazing dishes, the most affordable way to get it is to make it yourself.

Luckily Americans have put their own twist on sushi, including using cooked seafood, which makes it easy and safe to prepare at home.

The Dragon Sushi Roll, sometimes called caterpillar rolls, is an excellent roll for a beginner. It’s a little more complex and time-consuming than a simple California roll, but it is still presented beautifully.

This Dragon Roll Sushi Recipe is also perfect because the crunchy shrimp tempura mixes beautifully with creamy avocado, and all the sauces add a punch of flavor that is unforgettable.

The Foreign Fork 

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