Instant Pot  French Onion Soup

This new take on French Onion Soup will make the process quick and easy! This recipe is made in the Instant Pot and is topped with French Baguette and melty gruyere cheese.

--Onions --Wine --Gruyere cheese --Baguette --Liquids --Herbs & spices --Kitchen staples

France is at the top of almost everyone’s bucket list, and for good reason! The food there is incredible, and this soup recipe is no different.

The best part about this recipe is that it’s INSTANT POT French Onion soup, meaning that this simple recipe just got even easier. The Instant Pot will cook your soup in half the time

Plan ahead and buy a baguette a day before and leave it in an open bag on the counter overnight. This ensures that the baguette is stale enough for the soup.

The caramelized onions are the key to this recipe. 

That delicious cheese pull happens after you place the oven safe bowls under the broiler with cheese covering the bread for a few minutes. 

Do not put the bread or cheese on the soup until you are ready to serve it. Store them separately if not eating right away.


The Foreign Fork 

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